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Clean & Green Notice of Conveyance Form

Terry Twp Act 13

County Mill Rates for 2019

Information for Online Access for Recorder of Deeds

2019 Commissioner Meeting Minutes

2018 Commissioner Meeting Minutes

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Open Records Officer Information

BCCF's PREA Policy

Criminal Court

Transcript Request Form AOPC

Bradford County Comprehensive Plan 2018

Two Home on One Lot Application

Campground & Mobile Home Park Application

Major Land Development Application

Minor Land Development Application

Major Subdivision Application

Minor Subdivision Application

Bradford County Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance (2003)

Emergency Preparedness Booklet

2017 Commissioner Meeting Minutes

2016 Commissioner Meeting Minutes

Polling Places Maps

2015 Commissioner Meeting Minutes

County Mill Rates for 2018

Sample Ballots

Voter Registration

Open Space and Greenways Plan 2006

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Park ark Rules and Regs – 2017

County Mill Rates for 2017

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Parks Rules and Regs - 2017

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Bradford County Parks Rules and Regulations

Bradford County Parks Master Plan

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Marcellus Observer Production

Marcellus Observer

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Open Space, Greenway and Outdoor Recreation

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Tourism bylaws

Room Tax Grant Application Checklist

Room Tax Grant Application

2007 Conservation District Strategy

Agricultural Preservation Manual

Chesapeake Bay 5 Year Strategy

2012 Annual Report

Stream Initiative Application 2014

Manchester Scholarship Application

Living in Bradford County Brochure

Farmers’ Resource Guide

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LVR Policy Manual

D&G Policy Manual

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2015 PA Envirothon Teacher Resource

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Civil Court

Family Court

Bradford County Municipal Planning Guidebook

Bradford County Natural Area

County Employment Application

Open Spaces And Greenways

Comprehensive Plan (2004)

Data Resource Book 2012

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Bradford County Parks Master Plan

County Roads Network Map

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Appeal from Denial of Public Defender Application

Application for Public Defender

Widow Burial Expenses Application

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Contact and Visitation Log

Clothing and Personal Item Inventory

Medical Exam Report

Income Statement

Employment Verification Form

Burial Expenses Application

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Request Pertaining to Military Records

Application for Compensation

Foster Parent Application

Instructions for Completing Application for Health Benefits

Burial Benefits Application

Pension Application

Education Benefits Application

Disability Compensation and Related Compensation Benefits Application

Certificate of Eligibility

Declaration of Status of Dependents

Change of Address/Cancellation of Direct Deposit Form

Direct Deposit Enrollment Form

Request for Certificate of Eligibility

Communities That Care

Human Services Administration Directory

Clean and Green Application

Residential Appeal Form

Commercial Appeal Form

Rules of Appeal Procedure

County Mill Rates for 2011

County Mill Rates for 2012

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Appeal Procedure


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Running for Office

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Community Workforce Inmate Program

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Bradford County 911 Re-addressing

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EMS Final Report

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Mission Statement

County and Municipal Adoption Resolutions

Annual Review Information

Risk Assessment Hazards Map

2015 Mitigation Opportunity Forms

2009 and 2012 Mitigation Opportunity Forms

Critical Facilities and Maps

Municipality Flood Vulnerability Maps

Local Mitigation Plan Review Crosswalk

The Housing Rehabilitation Program

Community Development Block Grants


Hazard Mitigation Plan

Bingo application

Game of Chance overview & application

Dog license application

Terms and Conditions of Sheriff Sales

Sheriff Sales Q&A

Personal Property Claim Form

Precious Metal Deal License Application (Individual)

Precious Metal Dealer License Application (Business)

Application to Carry Firearm

Firearm Licensing FAQ

Firearm Laws FAQ

Sheriff Fee Schedule

Recorder of Deeds

Register of Wills and Orphans Court Fee Schedule

Genealogy Search Request

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