About the Department

The Accounting department is responsible for the payment of invoices issued to Bradford County for the utilities, supplies and services provided to all county agencies. The department issues approximately 34,000 checks annually for these payments. They also ensure that expenses are charged to the proper year.

Department Services

All employees of the county are paid bi-weekly. The accounting office is responsible for paying all employees and verifying their time worked and maintaining the balances of paid time off such as sick, vacation, etc. All aspects of payroll are completed in this department including quarterly and year end reporting. Approximately 700 employees, full and part time, and elected officials are paid.

This department also maintains the General Ledger for the County. There are thirteen different funds with 3,900 different account numbers. There are a wide variety of reports that are completed due quarterly and yearly.

The accounting office also maintains the Budge file. They are responsible for ensuring each department submits a budget for the yearly budgeting process that is submitted to the Commissioners for approval.

The Accounting Department also performs a number of other tasks such as balancing accounts, preparing reports for departments, helping and training Department Heads on the accounting system and answering questions from the employees and vendors.

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