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The Bradford County Office of the Public Defender represents individuals who are charged with one or more crimes and cannot afford to hire private counsel.Attorneys in the office also represent juveniles charged in delinquency proceedings.Representation is provided through all stages of criminal proceedings, from the preliminary hearing through the conclusion of appeal before the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

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The Public Defender provides legal representation in criminal matters for those charged with criminal offenses in Bradford County, including misdemeanors, felonies, and summary offenses when there is a possibility of jail time. The office also provides representation of juveniles accused of delinquency.

Chief Public Defender

Richard Wilson, Esq.

For 18 years, Richard Wilson practiced law in his hometown of Wyalusing, Pennsylvania, until becoming Chief Public Defender in February of 2016. He practiced law in more than 20 counties throughout Pennsylvania and New York State. He served as Bradford County's Special Hearing Master for several years in the mid-2000's. He has represented people in civil rights and criminal matters, tried a murder case before a jury in Binghamton, NY and tried numerous cases before juries in several PA counties. Richard is a native of Bradford County and lives in the Wyalusing area with his wife and their daughter.

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Applicant Information

If you are charged with a crime in Bradford County and would like to apply for public defender representation, please complete the following application and bring it in person to the Bradford County Public Defender’s Office, fourth floor, Bradford County Courthouse, along with the police complaint, affidavit of probable cause and notice of next court hearing. The application cannot be processed without that information.

If you are seeking representation for a juvenile charged with a delinquent act, please complete the following information form and bring it in person to the Bradford County Public Defender’s Office, fourth floor, Bradford County Courthouse, along with the juvenile petition and any other paperwork received from the probation department.

If you are denied public defender representation and would like to appeal the decision of the Public Defender, please fill out the following form and return it as soon as possible to the Bradford County Public Defender’s Office.

Remember, it is your responsibility to inform this office of any change of address, employment, or financial circumstances.

Contact the Department

Bradford County Courthouse
301 Main Street
Towanda,PA 18848
Phone: (570) 265-1713
Fax: (570) 265-1754

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