Get Involved

The most important thing for any citizen to remember is that this is your government. All too often, as citizens, we become complacent and apathetic about our government. However there are many ways you can get involved and be a part of your government. Whether it is joining a board or committee, attending a meeting to voice your opinion or just as simple as registering to vote you can help make a difference. Below are a number of ways you can Get Involved!

Bradford County Parks Master Planning

This year the Bradford County Parks Advisory Committee will be working on creating a master plan to rehabilitate and restore our beautiful Bradford County Parks. Throughout the year there will be public meetings to gather citizen input. Also each of the three county parks has working sub-committee. Joining one of these committees to meet and share your thoughts and efforts is a great way to get involved.

Attend Meetings, Voice your Opinion

You have the opportunity to attend public meetings and voice your concerns and opinions. Our public meeting times and dates are posted on the calendar of events page. We hope to see you there!

Join a Board, Committee or Authority

As a citizen you have the opportunity to join one of our boards, authorities or committees. These volunteer positions are an important aspect of county government and require involvement from people like you. See the Boards/Committees for list of vacancies and meeting times. Take the opportunity to submit an application to be placed on one of the many boards, committees or authorities.

Volunteer at the Manor

There are always volunteer opportunities at the Bradford County Manor. If you would you like to fulfill a space in your life that will give you pleasure and satisfaction? Contact Edie Smith, Recreational/Volunteer Director at the Manor 570-297-4111. We all have talents, interests, and knowledge that we could give by volunteering. Our Teen Volunteer Program is a wonderful way our generation learns by giving.

Register to Vote

Casting a ballot is your way to decide the direction of your government at any level. Take the opportunity and exercise your right to vote. See the elections to fill out a registration form now!