Pike Township

Geography, Topography, and History

The Township of Pike is located along the eastern border of the County, just north of center. The Township is bound by Susquehanna County to the east, Stevens Township to the south, Herrick Township to the southwest, Orwell Township to the northwest, and Warren Township to the north. LeRaysville Borough is located inside of the Township as it is located directly in the center. Major thoroughfares that run through the Township are Ford Street that runs from the south to the center of the Township and East Street, which runs from the east in Susquehanna County and ends in LeRaysville Borough. There are several creeks located in the Township which include: the Wyalusing Creek, Gaylord Creek, Rockwell Creek, Johnson Creek, Williams Creek, Ford Street Creek, and Ross Street Creek.

The Township of Pike was organized in 1813, and taken from Orwell Township and Rush Township. The Township was named after General Zebulon Pike, an explorer killed in the War of 1812. The Bosworth Family was the first to settle in the Township in 1798. In 1805, the first schoolhouse was erected in 1805 and taught by Patti Sill. Isaac Seymour built the first framed house in 1808. In 1837, the Township was split to form Herrick Township and again in 1863 to form LeRaysville Borough.

Local Government and Current Data

There are currently three elected supervisors that run the Township of Pike. The Township also has a secretary. The Township is without a planning commission, comprehensive plan, zoning regulations, or a zoning board. The land developments and subdivisions that occur within the Township must meet the requirements of the Office of Planning and Grants for the County.

Pike Township is another predominately agricultural township within the County. The Neath Welsh Congregational Church is one religious institution that exists within the Township. A point of interest in local business is the Hearthstones, Herbs and Everlastings shop which holds biannual spring and holiday open houses, offering perennials, herbs, garden ornaments, etc for purchase.

Tax Millage for 2017:



Chaffee Corners
Stone House Corner

School District:

Northeast Bradford School District

FEMA Community Panel Number:

421403 0002 B

Population Demographics:

Total Population....661
Population Density....22.9
Square Miles....28.7
Population under 18....28.4%
Population over 65....13.2%
High School Graduates....73.6%
Higher Education Graduates....16%

Household Statistics:

Housing Units....305
Median Housing Values....$77,100
Median Rent....$475
Per Capita Income....$17,539
Median Family Income....$49,036
Population Below Poverty Level....11.7%

Emergency Services:

Fire Coverage: LeRaysville-Pike Vol. Fire Department
Ambulance Coverage: H.O.P.S. Ambulance
Police Protection: Pennsylvania Police Department

Public Utilities:

Electric Company:
Gas Company: N/A
Water Company: N/A
Sewerage Facilities: N/A
Telephone Company: Frontier Communications


Robert Weingartner
Douglas Clearwater
Daniel Brown


Penny Carr
(570) 744-2334

Mailing address:

1514 Haighs Pond Road
Rome, PA 18837
(570) 744-2334


Chad Salsman, Esq. (570) 265-5870


1st Monday of the Month @ 7:00 p.m.