Sayre Borough

Geography, Topography, and History

The Borough of Sayre’s geographical position within the County is along the center of the northern border. It is bordered by Athens Township to the east and west, Athens Borough to the south, and Tioga County, NY to the north and South Waverly Borough to the northwest. The Susquehanna River serves as Sayre Borough’s southeastern border into Athens Township. Major roads that travel through the Borough are Keystone Avenue, Lockhart Street, and Cayuta Street.

Sayre Borough was officially established in 1891. It was named to honor Robert H. Sayre, President of the Pennsylvania and New York Canal and Railroad Company. Mr. Sayre believed that the location would make a great city. Prior to development, the Borough remained open farmlands with a railroad station. Howard Elmer also saw the great potential in Sayre and began developing businesses and roadways. The Robert Packer Hospital, which is now part of Guthrie Healthcare System continues to be the biggest economic force in Bradford County, began in Mr. Packer’s residence in 1885.

Local Government and Current Data

The governing council for the Borough of Sayre consists of an elected mayor and seven elected councilmen. The Borough also has a secretary. The Borough has a planning commission that consists of five members. The Borough adopted its comprehensive plan on the 18th of September, 2008. A zoning hearing board that consists of three members enforces the zoning regulations that were adopted in 1976. All subdivisions and land developments that occur in the Borough must meet the Office of Planning and Grants requirements before being approved.

The Borough of Sayre is a busy town located in the Valley; its historical importance becomes evident through many of the downtown buildings styled from the Victorian Era to the era of Art Deco. There are several amenities and services in the Borough because of its high-density. It is home to the Sayre Area Schools. There are several religious institutions located in the Borough, which include: the First Baptist Church, Ascension of Our Lord Ukrainian Catholic Church, the Epiphany Roman Catholic Parish, the Church of the Redeemer, First Presbyterian Church, The Salvation Army, Seventh Day Adventist, St. John Lutheran Church, Sayre Christian Church, First Church of God and Greater Valley Assembly of God. There are also several parks in the Borough that include: Riverfront Park, Howard Elmer Park, Joseph Desisti Park, John Stetz Sr. Park, Joseph Powell Park, Island Pond, and Triangle Park. Events such as Arts in the Park and the Farmers Market both take place in Howard Elmer Park.

Tax Millage for 2017:




School District:

Sayre Area School District

FEMA Community Panel Number:

420175 A

Population Demographics:

Total Population....5606
Population Density....2066.8
Square Miles....2
Population under 18....23.8%
Population over 65....18.3%
High School Graduates....81.1%
Higher Education Graduates...26.8%

Household Statistics:

Housing Units....2722
Median Housing Values....$71,100
Median Rent....$426
Per Capita Income....$18,549
Median Family Income....$45,710
Population Below Poverty Level....9.1%

Emergency Services:

Fire Coverage: Sayre Borough Volunteer Fire Department
Ambulance Coverage: Greater Valley EMS
Police Protection: Sayre Borough Police Department

Public Utilities:

Electric Company: Penelec
Gas Company: Valley Energy Inc
Water Company: Aqua PA
Sewerage Facilities: Valley Joint Sewage Plant
Telephone Company: Verizon


Denny Thomas


David Jarrett


Henry Farley, President
Eugene Cerutti, Vice President
Robert Flick
William Hickey
Maureen Howland
Eugene Osmun
JoAn Sabatura

Mailing address:

110 West Packer Ave.
Suite 3
Sayre, PA 18840
(570) 888-8739
Fax (570) 888-6598


Jonathan Foster


3rd Thursday of the Month @ 6 p.m.
Community Room
Sayre Borough DPW Building
321 South Thomas Avenue
Sayre, PA 18840