Standing Stone Township

Geography, Topography, and History

The Township of Standing Stone's geographical location within the County is just southeast of the central region. The Township is bound on both its north and east borders by Herrick Township, on the southeast by Wyalusing Township, to the southwest by Asylum Township, and on the northwest by Wysox Township. The Susquehanna River serves as the Township’s border to Asylum Township on its southwestern boundary. A major landmark for the township is the “Standing Stone” lying off the bank of the township which stands erect some 40’ high. Other streams that flow throughout the Township include: King Creek, Vought Creek, and Rummerfield Creek. Two Major thoroughfares that travel through the Township include both US Route 6 and River Road.

Standing Stone Township was officially established in 1841, and created from Wysox and Herrick Townships. In 1714, Lemuel Fitch first settled the Township, making it one of the earliest settled Townships within the County. Early Native Americans created the name.

As the Township of Standing Stone received its name from the remarkable stone piercing out of the waters of the Susquehanna River, the impressive landmark was a significant point for all early settlers. The earliest of the settlers being the Native Americans, called the rock “Achsin-nik” meaning, “where there is a large stone”. General Sullivan led troops into the present Township to raid the Indian Country in 1779 along the “Great Warrior Path” on the Susquehanna River. On the night of August 8th, 1779, the General and his army camped across from the Stone, on a flat area alongside the River. It is said that the General and his troops were the first white settlers to behold the sight of the Stone.

Local Government and Current Data

There are three elected supervisors and a secretary in Standing Stone Township. Standing Stone has three members on its planning commission. In 2004, the Township adopted its comprehensive plan. The County assumes all responsibility for passing individual cases of subdivisions and land developments. Located within the Township is the United Methodist Church which has celebrated its 150 year anniversary in 2006.

Tax Millage for 2017:



Standing Stone

School District:

Towanda Area School District

FEMA Community Panel Number:

421406 0005 B

Population Demographics:

Total Population....618
Population Density....37.6
Square Miles....15.8
Population under 18....28%
Population over 65....12.6%
High School Graduates....83.5%
Higher Education Graduates...23.6%

Household Statistics:

Housing Units....268
Median Housing Values....$79,100
Median Rent....$486
Per Capita Income....$15,456
Median Family Income....$44,196
Population Below Poverty Level....3.5%

Emergency Services:

Fire Coverage: Wysox Volunteer Fire Co
Ambulance Coverage: Wysox Ambulance
Police Protection: Pennsylvania State Police

Public Utilities:

Electric Company: Claverack
Gas Company: N/A
Water Company: N/A
Sewerage Facilities: N/A
Telephone Company: Frontier Communications


Mike Kingsley (570) 265-3233
John Lukach (570) 250-5958
Terry Fairchild (570) 265-3599


Deborah Kithcart (570) 265-2852

Mailing address:

35165 Route 6
Wysox, PA 18854
(570) 265-9460 (570) 265-7015


Chris Jones, Esq. (570) 265-2175


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