Troy Borough

Geography, Topography, and History

The Borough of Troy is located centrally near the western border of the County. The Borough is entirely surrounded by the Township of Troy, as it is located centrally within the Township. The Fall Brook Creek flows from the east to the southern portion of the Borough. Major thoroughfares that allow for easy travel through the Borough include: Main Street, Elmira Street, and Canton Street.

Troy Borough was formed in 1845 from the Township. The location of the village became very important because of the businesses that were located there. The first settler of the Borough was Elihu Smead, although the exact date is unknown, it occurred prior to 1803. The first road opened in Troy in 1798.

Local Government and Current Data

The Borough of Troy has appointed an elected mayor, seven elected councilmen, and a manager to serve a term of six years. There are four members on the local planning commission. In 2004, the Borough adopted its comprehensive plan. In 1978, the Borough adopted its own subdivision and land development standards and regulations. There are three members on the Borough’s zoning hearing board that enforce the regulations that have been in place since 1957.

The Borough of Troy is a point of economic interest in the County, and for that reason there are several amenities and services to follow suit. There are several churches in the Borough, which include: the Assembly of God Church, First Baptist Church, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, First Presbyterian Church, and the First United Methodist Church and Parsonage. The Borough is home to the Allen F. Pierce Free Library, and many of Troy District’s Schools. All of the Troy School’s have playgrounds and facilities that are open to the public after school hours and sporting events.

Tax Millage for 2017:




School District:

Troy Area School District

FEMA Community Panel Number:

420179 0001 B

Population Demographics:

Total Population....1,485
Population Density....1,923.2
Square Miles....0.8
Population under 18....20.1%
Population over 65....19.4%
High School Graduates....72.9%
Higher Education Graduates....26.4%

Household Statistics:

Housing Units....617
Median Housing Values....$75,000
Median Rent....$357
Per Capita Income....$16,963
Median Family Income....$41,667
Population Below Poverty Level....21.1%

Emergency Services:

Fire Coverage: Troy Volunteer Fire Department
Ambulance Coverage: Western Alliance EMS
Police Protection: Troy Borough Police Department

Public Utilities:

Electric Company: Penelec
Gas Company: PPL Gas Utilities
Water Company: Troy Borough Water & Sewer Authority
Sewerage Facilities: Troy Borough Water & Sewer Authority
Telephone Company: Frontier Communications; Empire Access


Mike Powers


Krystle Bristol, Council President
James Warn
Kyle Wisel
Veronica Seymour
Mark Colton
Jason Hodlofski
Jennifer Malehorn


Daniel Close


Tina Woodward

Mailing address:

49 Elmira Street
Troy, PA 16947
(570) 297-2966 (office) (570) 297-4757 (fax)


Harold Caldwell


4th Thursday of the Month at 7 p.m.