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Contractors Needed for Bradford County Grants Department

The Bradford County Grants Office is seeking interested Contractors for their
Housing Rehabilitation Program. The Bradford County Housing Rehabilitation Program
offers financial assistance to eligible homeowners for the rehabilitation of their homes.
Work that may be completed includes the following; structural repair, roofing, plumbing,
electrical, HVAC, window replacement, radon mitigation, energy efficiency
improvements, and lead-based mitigation. Housing Rehabilitation projects may range
from $1,000-$20,000 with timely payments to contractors. Projects are available for
completion year-round, with many projects currently approved and awaiting start dates.
We anticipate a steady flow of project to be bid in the coming months.
Interested contractors should contact the Bradford County Grants Administrator,
Megan Johnson or the Bradford County Housing Inspector, Jacob Tice at the following:
Megan Johnson
29 VanKuren Dr. Towanda, PA 18848
Jacob Tice
880 East Canton Rd, Canton, PA 17724