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Hearing Master

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Bradford County Courthouse
301 Main Street
Towanda,PA 18848
Robert M. McGuinness, Esq.

Phone: (570) 265-1711

About the Office

The Hearing Master, is an appointed employee of the Courts, and presides over dependency, delinquency, divorce and support cases. After each hearing held, a recommended order is prepared and submitted to the assigned judge for approval. These hearings are record hearings and are captured electronically by a court monitor/secretary using a PC-based digital recording system. Special masters are appointed by the court to hear support cases as well as visitation issues and actions in partition. The full-time hearing master and specially appointed masters must be attorneys, licensed in Pennsylvania. The present full-time Master assists in dissemination of information regarding changes in statutes and case law to court-related agencies, as well as being active in community matters which impact the juvenile court system.

Office Services

The Master’s Office hears all support, divorce and juvenile matters. The office is responsible for developing lines of co-operation between DNO, CYS, Probation, writing and researching orders and recommendations. They must be informed of various and numerous changes in statutes and case law as well as PA Code requirements in juvenile matters, be informed about available placements and types of placements for minors, and aware of all other legal matters that relate to family and support law.