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The position of Sheriff is the oldest form of law enforcement in the country and is established here by the constitution of Pennsylvania. Although Sheriffs duties were not spelled out in Pennsylvania's founding document it is well documented that Sheriffs not only were the workhorses of the court system, but were the law enforcement in Pennsylvania for decades. The dedicated men and women of the Bradford County Sheriff Office are committed to doing everything they can to make our county a better place to live and raise our families.

Office Services

The Sheriff is responsible to keep the peace in the county, to arrest violators of the law, and to assist other law enforcement agencies in the county, and to serve and enforce orders of the Bradford County Court of Common Pleas. The Sheriff's Office is responsible for all of the Bench Warrants issued by the Court of Common Pleas. The Sheriff's Office is also responsible for the completion of fugitive from justice extraditions for Bradford County. The Sheriff's Office has the responsibility for serving a wide variety of Civil Processes, over 1200 per year, orders of possession, mortgage foreclosures and Sheriff Sales. The Bradford County Sheriff's Office is responsible for the transportation of individuals incarcerated or sentenced by the Bradford County Courts. The Sheriff's Office is responsible for security in all the Courtrooms in Bradford County. Deputy Sheriffs also work the screening checkpoint and work hard to prevent weapons entering the Courthouse in the wrong hands. Our deputies are also assigned to protect Judges and courtroom personnel to ensure their safety. The Sheriff of Bradford County issues a License to Carry Firearms to Bradford County residents only, and does not issue permits for out of state residents. The Sheriff’s Office has a number of county residents who are provided with the locater abilities of Project Lifesaver.


Clinton J. Walters:
Clinton J. Walters assumed the role of Sheriff on February 15, 2010 after the retirement of Steve Evans. Sheriff Walters is a graduate of Municipal Police Academy, Mansfield University and the Deputy Sheriffs’ Academy of State College. He began working at the Bradford County Sheriff’s Office in January 2000 as a transport officer; in September of 2000 he was promoted to Deputy Sheriff. He became Chief Deputy Sheriff in 2004. He has also been employed at Troy Borough and Canton Borough as part time and full time Police Officer. He has earned the following certifications: Firearms Instructor of Handgun, shotgun by Pennsylvania State Police, Firearms instructor of Patrol Rifle certified by N.R.A., Simmunitions Instructor, Project Lifesaver Instructor, instructor Development, Numerous Narcotic Trainings, Reid Technique of Interview and Interrogation Technique, First Aid, CPR, and A.E.D. certified, N.I.M.S., and Glock Armorer. CJ is a lifelong resident of Bradford County who enjoys hunting fishing target shooting, golf, softball, reading and traveling.

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