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Workforce & Education

Bradford County’s strong agricultural heritage and a strong manufacturing influence have fostered a hard-working and loyal employment base. Workers in Bradford County are recognized for their work ethic and dependability. The county is primarily non-unionized, with the exception of municipal employees, which private companies have cited as a major advantage. Cost of labor and taxes are relatively low in Bradford County, especially when compared to its New York neighbor across the state line. More than 87% of the county’s population has a high school diploma or higher.


Companies can tap into workforce training programs from numerous organizations:


Penn State University:  Penn State Continuing Education offers quality programming in Bradford and several neighboring counties to support the workforce development needs of companies and organizations, as well as the professional development needs of individuals.


Bradford County Action: This private non-profit community-based organization provides training programs for adults and youth. Activities include GED prep classes, career preparation, on-the-job training and employer services.


PA Career Link: Offering one-stop access to a wide range of employment and career development services to job seekers and employers, PA Career Link serves as a community resource for workforce needs.


Northern Tier Regional Planning & Development Commission (NTRPDC): This regional economic development organization, which serves the five-county northern tier region (Bradford, Sullivan, Susquehanna, Tioga and Wyoming counties), offers life-long learning opportunities to workers, while providing new and expanding businesses in the region a ready and capable workforce.


Bradford County has seven public school districts and a number of private and parochial schools. Many of the public schools are known for their engineering and arts programs. In terms of higher education, there are four colleges/career centers in Bradford County, and many other community colleges and universities within a two-hour drive.