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Domestic Relations

Contact Information

Domestic Relations
215 Main Street
Towanda,PA 18848
Vonda Huffman, Director

Hours: 8:00 am – 4:30 pm

Phone: (570) 265-1718
Email: csbradford@pacses.com

About the Department

The Bradford County Domestic Relations Office is supervised by the President Judge of the Bradford County Courts and is responsible for the establishment and enforcement of child support, spousal support, alimony pendente lite and alimony orders.In 1975, President Ford signed into law under the Social Security Act, what is known as Title IV-D.In the State of Pennsylvania, the program is a cooperative agreement between Federal, State and Local governments as well as the Court of Common Pleas.The program has seen a wide array of changes over the course of the years, including IRS intercept, automatic income withholding, driver’s license suspension and credit bureau reporting to name a few.As a result of PRWORA, the child support program became performance-based for Federal Fiscal Year October 2000.The performance standards are support order establishment, paternity establishment, current support collected, arrears collected and cases with medical support ordered.The goal set for each performance measure is 80%.With a full-time staff of eleven, Bradford County far exceeds the required measures.

Department Services

For more information regarding services provided by the Bradford County Domestic Relations Office, you may go to the PA Child Support website at the following internet address:www.childsupport.state.pa.us or use our automated phone system by calling us at (570)265-1718 and following the menu options as directed.