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Correctional Facility

Contact Information

15927 Route 6
Troy, PA 16947
Pete Quattrini, Warden

Phone: (570) 297-5047
Fax: (570) 297-4350
Email: Quattrinip@bradfordco.org

Facility Description

The correctional facility in West Burlington was built in the 1980’s. It was first occupied in 1991, and featured a variety of new conveniences and security measures not available in the previous facility. The former jail was deeded to the Bradford County Historical Society in 1998 and is now used as a museum and research library. The jail in West Burlington is still in use today and is known as the Bradford County Correctional Facility.

Services Provided

Bradford County Correctional Facility offers numerous programs to inmates including:

  • Bible study
  • Family group decision making
  • Alcoholics anonymous
  • Drug and alcohol program
  • Anger management
  • GED program
  • ARCC group counsel
  • Parenting classes

Documents & Forms

Correctional Facility Volunteer Application

BCCF's PREA Policy

Community Workforce Inmate Program

Community Workforce Inmate Program Applications

Correctional Facility Programs & Descriptions