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Why Bradford County

Located in northeastern Pennsylvania on the border of New York’s southern tier, Bradford County is well positioned for investment and economic development. It is the second largest county in Pennsylvania by land area, with a population of more than 62,000.

Rich in Natural Resources

Bradford County is blessed by abundant natural resources – water, fertile soil, timber, stone and most recently, natural gas – which have fueled its economy. The Marcellus Shale that lies beneath Bradford County has catapulted Pennsylvania to the nation’s #2 natural gas producer.


Rural but not remote, Bradford County is within a four to five hour drive from New York City and Philadelphia and is less than an hour from Binghamton, Elmira, Corning and other cities in New York’s southern tier. Bradford County has an excellent transportation network including interstate highway and rail access that makes population centers from Boston to Buffalo easily reachable. Major highways accessible to Bradford County towns include I-86, I-99, I-81, I-80 and Route 17. The Reading Blue Mountains & Northern Railroad Co. (RBMN) and Lehigh Railway L.L.C. provide services to and from the major ports in Philadelphia and New York. Flights to and from the area are available from the Bradford County Airport and the nearby Elmira Corning Regional Airport.

Strong Workforce

Bradford County’s strong agricultural roots have fostered a hard-working workforce that manufacturers from Cargill to Masco have tapped into and found to be highly productive and loyal. The county has relatively low labor costs. In addition, the Bradford County region is made up of a potential labor force of almost XX million.

Lower Business Costs

From low utility costs to relatively low labor costs and taxes, Bradford County offers businesses a number of cost advantages.

Quality of Life Amenities

Bradford County is comprised of quaint small towns and cities that provide a safe and affordable environment to raise a family and live. With extraordinary natural beauty, the county also offers residents access to a world-class healthcare system and good schools. And there is plenty to do. With more than 54,000 acres of state game land, Bradford County has a strong tradition of hunting, fishing and other outdoor recreation. The county has a rich history, thriving arts and cultural offerings, and year-round calendar of events and festivals.